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Pura Vida

¡Bienvenidos! My name is Eva and I am about 5 days away from the greatest adventure of my life. Initially, through the application process, all I could feel was the utmost excitement at the very thought of living in Costa Rica. The more newsletters, e-mails and books I read, the more excited I became. I thought gee, I grew up in Los Angeles, what could better prepare you for life in a Spanish-speaking country? I had a Spanish-speaking babysitter, tons of Spanish-speaking friends, I even went to quinciñeras and bilingual masses. I was the epitome of a non-Hispanic, Hispanic. Despite the fact that I was not in the least bit Mexican, I immersed myself into my community and never thought twice about it. After about 6 years of studying the language in addition to that, you might think I would feel confident in my abilities. I felt so ready and anticipated the experience as the highlight of my college experience.

Now, I find myself less than a week away, feeling like I’m wearing a blindfold in a game of tag. I’m re-reading newsletters, e-mails and books, but still feel like nothing can truly prepare you for such an experience. I’m going to look to engage myself in many varied extracurriculars while I’m there- soccer, surfing, futsal, etc. I cannot wait to meet my host family and experience the Costa Rican way of life with them. I am enthusiastically anticipating the meals with my family to be some of the most delicious meals I’ve had because I am particularily fond of Hispanic food. I know my expericences will undoubtubly exceed my expectations but we must wait and see.I want to pack my life into my suitcase, take my Spanish-speaking friend as a translator and bring all my family and friends along with me! As I near my departure, I know that nothing will be certain, everything will be new and my best option is to be as open-minded as possible and embrace the country and culture as a long lost friend. Until we meet again, ¡Adios!



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