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Settling in, and regretting it.

Sometime in the late morning or early afternoon of the Thursday of the first week of classes (exactly 3 weeks after setting off from home), I passed a major landmark in study abroad experience: I got bored in Costa Rica.

It was a national holiday.  We had no classes and no scheduled activities, so I took a lot of time to do very little.

But it was more than that.  I had gotten comfortable.  I had even started something of a routine.  Most disturbingly, things had begun to seem ordinary.

How? How could I travel to an exotic country I had wanted to visit since I was learning to read, only to get bored after 3 weeks?  It’s not that I expected every minute of my study abroad experience to glimmer with quetzalian iridescence.  I just didn’t think my sense of wonder was so fickle.  I firmly believe that ordinariness is a delusion suffered by those who are too lazy or ungrateful to sustain the curiosity that recognizes the extraordinary in everything.  How could I sit like that in the central park, staring at rock doves (Columba livia, the city pigeon we’ve all seen a million times), instead of running after the parakeets in the treetops?  I hadn’t even identified them yet!

How do I find the extraordinary again? I wondered.  Well, how did I lose it?  I got comfortable.  So I needed to start by making myself uncomfortable.  I need something to challenge me.  Physically.  Culturally.  Navigationally.

Luckily, I found just the thing.


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