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Academic “Shopping” Period

OK, so I have been here a little over two week now and one would think that academically I have adjusted somewhat… Wrong. The first two weeks I have had orientation, very useful information and everything appeared to be on track and organized. Information of the enrollment process of each four universities was given to us and we are even assigned an academic adviser. We have all the “necessary” assistance to begin classes, which began this Monday, but it was really a stressful and hectic experience (at least for me). There is a shopping period, thank god, but during the shopping period I can only drop courses and that is all. I cannot add courses or adjust courses because of timing issues so it really had to be planned out. OH and did I mention, I can choose from four universities to enroll in. I ended up only enrolling in three though, which is still a lot especially taking into consideration that they are no where near each other. Oh and another little catch to it, attendance does count, duh, but how was I suppose to shop for courses, make sure times don’t overlap, have enough time for transportation and make sure I am there for attendance during shopping period, I thought it was a shopping period. Anyways so I thought I had it all figured out, fail once again. Sunday night came, and I failed to realize that my course for Monday, in UTDT, was selected as a “practica” not “teoria” (difference: practica is where one puts into practice what they have learned in the class of teoria); this would not have been an issue because I could simply email my adviser, but that was not my case. My course was an 8 am course; therefore I would have to wake up at 6 to be out of my home at 6:40 to be there on time. To make it short, I tried it the next morning, not like I had anything better to do other than sleep. Once I arrived to the university I realized, yes I don’t have class today because it is a practica, but how was I suppose to know. It was definitely a learning experience though, I knew on Tuesday to not even try it because I know I cannot wake up three times a week at 6:00 am, so that course is being dropped. Monday night I also had another course, which went great. It was a small class in UCA and everyone was nice, so that became a definite maybe. Tuesday comes around, still shopping for courses, I had two seminars back to back from 9 to 13 and 13-17 (Argentinian time). I like the first one, but loved the second one called Universidad- Sociedad. Universidad-Sociedad is a small classroom, but it gives me the opportunity to work hands on with small impoverished communities. I am very excited for that class, so now I am just hoping I can get credit for my Education Studies minor from my home institution. I still have more courses to shop for, so hopefully the rest of the week goes better. Some advice though: don’t make trying to get home institution major or minor credits your priority because it will drive you crazy, just go with the system.


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