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Final post for all times

Well, here we are. I’ve been home for a little under a month and to tell you the truth I have yet to suffer from any huge culture shock moments (lucky me). The only thing that I have really been able to do is focus I trying to work as much as possible so that I have enough money to afford my books for my rapidly approaching semester. I would be lying if I told you that Lima was not a big deal in my life. I really, truly believe that I learned a lot about myself and have also begun to reconsider what I want to do with my life. I really enjoyed my time in Lima and I want to devote more of my life helping the people who really need it, and I was able to learn this first hand in Peru. I really want to also take this time to thank a few of the people who helped me accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish. Firstly, my parents, without their help I never would have been able to experience this amazing opportunity and to finally attain my goal of going to Machu Picchu. Secondly, to the Resident staff that made me feel at home in a scary new place, Lali and Mama Laura, gracias por todo!  I had such an enjoyable time and met some really great people, who I hope to remain in contact with for a very long time.

To be completely honest, I don’t really think that the entire thing has truly sunk in yet. I’m expecting that within the next 2 weeks or so I will finally be hit with the culture shock and sadness of not being in Lima. Lima was unlike any place I’ve ever been in my life and it was a huge change from my small town life in New Hampshire. I hated the Combis, hustle and bustle and the honks of cars every few seconds. But now I find myself lying in bed at 3 AM and being unable to sleep because of the lack of angry, honking taxi drivers. The boredom of home is both a welcome relief and an unbearable burden. But I have work to keep me busy until my return to school in Vermont. Lastly before I finish this final post I want to take this time to thank IFSA-Butler for giving me this amazing chance to go to a place I have wanted to go to for almost my entire life. I can not stress enough how much this experience has helped me grow as an individual.


Thank you for reading this blog. Pachamama te bendiga!


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