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This weekend is one of my friend’s birthday celebration so it should be a great weekend! I am looking forward to wearing the cute new clothes I bought yesterday! I got a dress for $4.99 and a cute pencil skirt for $7.50. The dress is simple but that allows more room for accessorizing! I may just have to go back into The Square Plaza and look for some jewelry. ;D

In other news; I auditioned for a MUDS play and got cast as the part I wanted
! However I am busy on the very last show that we have and may not be able to do the show at all. :( Very disappointing but I have wanted to swim with dolphins much longer than be in this play. I will be sad but will be positive :) I also joined the surf club! I am so very excited about over coming my fear and getting to surf the NZ coast!

As for academics, I have finished my first large assignment with a week left! I am having my friend Maddy revise it and will turn it in soon. Fingers crossed! Along with that I am currently working on the first portion of my IBP for International Business. We will see how it turns out!


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