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Time to Start Working

Only one class left in my third week of classes. I think it is time I started doing some homework! My first test is next week, I have a paper and another test the week after that, and then things really get rolling. I have essays, research projects, exams and presentations nearly every week from now until I come home. So far though, the only work I have done outside of class was the three readings I was assigned for different classes. Never was big on doing readings, especially from the textbook about the coming lecture back home. I figure here though I need all the help I can get, and that includes reading up ahead of time so I have a better grasp of concepts for when the professor starts running off in Spanish.

Three of my classes involve group projects and presentations. Starting with my Ecological Riches of Costa Rica class. It is a program class with Ticos too. My group is doing a project on the threats faced by sea turtles. We are going in a week to spend three days on the beach at a volunteer organization that helps protect their eggs. We will spend get to some time on the beach at night guarding nests, interview one of the programs leaders and explore. This will end up being the first of two turtle volunteer weekends for me as IFSA organizes a turtle volunteer weekend too.

I got really lucky with my group though. One of the other girls is studying to become an English teacher. She currently works weekends near the coast teaching gringos Spanish. What better group partner could you have as an exchange student? She also works close to where we are going and was able to make all the arrangements for our travel stay.

Lunch Buddies

The one standing in the back is Karla, the best group project partner to be found in Heredia.

I finally got around to talking to Tracy, one of the program coordinators, about volunteer opportunities. After reviewing my options I plan to tell her tomorrow about the two I hope to participate in. One is with InBioParque. A biodiversity reserve very close to town that does tours. There are a wide variety of things I might be assigned to do while there. The other is what most of the volunteer opportunities forĀ  exchange students here are, assist in teaching English or Spanish in a school of any level. There is a school really close to me that I could volunteer at teaching English. The problem with that option is that starting this year all schools are requiring criminal background checks on volunteers. Because this is new the Tracy is not sure how getting them will work for exchange students. She was going to look into it after we talked yesterday.

I love volunteering and have so much free time compared to my overload course loads in the states that I hope to get lots of volunteer time in before I come home. Should help keep me busy and out of bars on weeknights. And still leave my weekends free to travel around Costa Rica w


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