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Term 3 Coming to a Close

I’ve posted quite a few times here about the cool trips ad adventures I’ve been on and I’m sure it can seem hard to believe that I’m actually in New Zealand to study at University.  I figure it’s probably about time I post a little more about classes and University life now that term 3 is ending and the semester is almost half over.

My classes here have been going quite well so far.  It was really easy to adjust to the differences in lectures and I now feel confident about all my papers here.  I already have one test under my belt as I had my first midterm last week.  The testing atmosphere was a little different here than what I was used to at Bucknell.  The exam was held in a different room than the lectures were given in and we were allowed 2 hours to complete the test.  Upon arriving to the testing room, we had to leave our backpacks by the door and could only carry in a few things such as a pencil, eraser, and calculator.  Once we were all seated we received an answer booklet followed by the test.  All of the answers from the test had to be written out in the answer booklet in order for them to be graded.  This was a little annoying for questions like multiple choice since I couldn’t just circle the answer I wanted.  In the end I barely had enough time to finish the test (it was much longer than the usual mid semester tests I’m used to in the states) but I felt confident in my answers.

Another big difference I have encountered with classes is the labs.  The laboratory parts of courses here only last for half the semester.  After spring break, I no longer have to worry about going to the extra 6 hours of labs I have each week or writing the 18 page reports that go with them! This is one difference in courses that I wish I could take back to the states with me!

Overall it hasn’t been hard at all to adjust to a different University setting.  At this point I feel like a normal student and the differences in courses don’t seem quite as weird or annoying anymore.  My living situation has been great too.  It’s nice having a flat with my own bedroom as well as a large living room and kitchen to cook in.  It’s going to be really annoying to start school next semester back home where I know I’ll be living in a dorm again…


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  1. Michelle Says:

    It looks like you have been on some amazing adventures so far, Keith!! Your pictures are stunning! And, yes, good to know you’re fitting some “study” into your “study abroad”. :) Can’t wait to see how you reflect on the experience as a human and as an academic while the semester continues.

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