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Monday was the conclusion of birthday celebration for my friend Hannah. We went out the weekend before and concluded the festivities with cake, ice cream and a huge group of friends. It was a good night and I hope you had a great birthday girl!

I did not attend the halls’ ball but I enjoyed watching the first year kiwis get all dressed up. Maddy and I stayed up until they all got home and it was a very entertaining time. It seemed like everyone had a fantastic time, this was only enforced by the numerous pictures of glorious dresses and wide smiles. Even though it ended at midnight, many kiwis were determined to go to town. I even got asked to be a sober driver, which I did not do seeing as I am used to driving on the opposite side of the road.

MUDS held a barbecue the other day but I was sadly too busy with school work to attend :/ However I did get to attend my catch up lunch on Monday. It was nice, relaxed and I had a good feed. On Tuesday Maddy and I went to the movies and saw  Now You See Me. We about died of excitement over the film and our minds are still blown by it! I highly recommend it!


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