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I´ll Have Nun of It

The best part about studying abroad with a group is that you aren´t the only gringo that looks stupid. The second best part is sharing experiences and perspectives. I came to really appreciate the value of fellow IFSA students´ solidarity when one of my compatriots recounted an unfortunate experience. I practically fell off my chair when he nonchalantly told me that he was slapped across the face by a nun.

The story begins on an overcrowded and under-maintained bus. Traffic in full flow, the bus shudders to a halt. My IFSA peer, along with the herd of grumpy ticos, stream off the bus and into the street, forced to find another mode of transportation. Impatient, the car behind the bus zooms to the right, almost steamrolling the dismounting ticos, including my friend. He unthinkingly exclaims, ¨Jesus Christ!¨ A tica behind him, conspicuously dressed in all black, angrily tells him off for taking the Lord´s name in vain. Disregarding her, he turns around, only to hear her muttering  something about stupid gringos. Perhaps it was his facial expression. Perhaps it was his tone of voice. In any case, when he turned around and said, ¨¿Perdón?¨ the nun was moved to slap him across the face.

My peer took it all in stride. Actually, he seemed more fascinated and amused than put out. I can empathize. It is definitely a unique experience. You aren´t assaulted by a nun every day.




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