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Things We See in Lima

a list compiled by myself and Drew

  • two parents running across the street, lifting their little girl up by each arm between them and carrying her across as she gaped openmouthed at the traffic
  • a woman riding a bicycle while playing a mini harmonica
  • a woman on the sidewalk, upon seeing the driver of my combi, grinning and holding out her arms like a hug, walking toward the combi, and coming within inches of actually hugging the combi before going around to his window and embracing him
  • a businesswoman, wearing a full suit and a wool poncho, riding a motorcycle
  • a sign for an office of podología, consisting of a giant pink foot with a photo of a smiling woman’s face superimposed on the sole (it’s weirder than I can explain in words)
  • a combi cobrador (money-collector) unable to get to the  frecuenciador (one of the men with clipboards who stand at various streets and record the times that combis pass, and who are systematically bribed by the cobradores not to report lateness) in time, throwing a coin at him with all his might as the combi pulled away
  • two combis holding up a street full of traffic for two full green light cycles by stopping next to each other so the two drivers could chit-chat
  • an old volkswagen beetle towing another old volkswagen beetle
  • a guy cleaning his ears with one of the tools on his swiss army knife
  • two massive vultures chilling on the roof of one of the PUCP buildings
  • This. What a name.

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  1. Tina Says:

    That’s what cities are good for … people-watching, strange incongruities, and a surprise at any moment. Keep your eyes and ears open! We look forward to more good stories.

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