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My Life as a Mendocina: In Pictures!

It is hard to believe, but I left the U.S. almost a month ago to come to Mendoza! Although there have been (expected) frustrations with the school system (more to come in a different blog post!), I have truly loved every day in Mendoza thus far. I have decided to make this post exclusively about the photos that I have taken, so that you can see my ‘typical’ life in Mendoza. Because I am far from being technologically savvy, the descriptions are first, and I have posted all of the pictures at the end.

Photo 1: Mi casa. Luckily for me, I found out today that my family wants to keep me after the trial month for the remainder of the program! So unless unforeseen events take place, this will be my home until December.

Photo 2: Another picture of my house, with the view of our ‘front yard.’

Photo 3: The facultad (college/department) of Arts and Design at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, where I am planning to take all of my classes. The School of Music is new, and it is the white building on the left. The building in the middle is mostly theater and the building on the far right is for fine arts. Okay, I know what you are thinking, and I agree with you. This is probably one of the ugliest (fine, THE ugliest) university campus that I have seen. BUT the wonderful people and good facilities make up for the lack of landscaping around the buildings. And you can’t argue with the view of the Andes on the horizon! (see photo 4)

Photo 4: My view of the foot of the Andes before I enter the School of Music

Photo 5: My view of our ‘back yard’ out of my room window at home.

Photo 6: The building of Science and Technology, where our IFSA-Butler Spanish classes are held. It may be difficult to see from through the fence, but the walkways between sections of the building are tubular and the architecture is unique: One student in our IFSA-Butler class couldn’t have described it better when he asked if we also felt as though we were having class in a gerbil cage.

Photo 7: My IFSA-Butler Spanish class/classroom.

Photo 8: The micro (bus). One of the most complicated systems of public transportation that I have ever experienced. Nonetheless, this is how I get almost everywhere, if I don’t have the time to walk (although sometimes the bus takes longer than walking!). The most important lesson about the micro, that I learned just last week: when you want to get off at the next stop, if there aren’t other people also waiting at the stop to get on, you must press the red button on the railing to the right. Otherwise, the bus will pass the stop and take you elsewhere against your will.

Photo 9: More pictures of Parque San Martín. I know I have already posted park pictures, but I generally spend a good portion of my day walking in the park (to and from classes, and conversing/exercising with friends), so I decided to share a few more views of the park’s beauty.

Photo 10: Club de Regatas in Parque San Martín. I walk/run around the lake in front of this clubhouse often.

Photo 11: What Mendocinas do best: “productive laziness.” Walking, conversing, passing the time with friends and/or family. Here, I am with another IFSA student enjoying the beautiful 70-degree weather and not worrying about day-to-day living.

Photo 2

Picture 2 of 11

More to come soon about classes and my 4-day ‘holiday’ weekend!


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