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A nicer pre-departure post.

The prospect of having that last negative pre-departure blog post being my only pre-departure blog post left something of a sour taste in my mouth, so I’ve decided to have another go.

And I especially thought I’d have another go because I just packed my suitcase for the first time! (I say first because I know my mom will have me unpack it when we wake up; it’s inevitable, really.) It’s 2:30 AM here on the East Coast in Central Pennsylvania and my suitcase is literally sitting packed in my living room. And it feels really good, deliciously peaceful after the last few stressful days. I think packing this time around has generally been easier than the last times I went to Europe—when you’re only travelling for two weeks, it feels like you really need to have everything because you won’t have time to shop if you’ve forgotten something, but because I’ll be living in Israel for over 4 months, my mom and I have agreed on the things I should bring over and the things I should just buy there, and that’s made this entire process so much easier as a whole. It’s nice having a lot of things I don’t need to stress over because I know I’ll be able to purchase them when I’m living there.

I’ve got a lot of basics packed: the three shorts I wear the most, a pair of jeans, and six plain shirts, as well as a Hogwarts shirt I couldn’t pass up, and I’ll be wearing a Susquehanna shirt and sweatpants on the plane. Two flats are on the bottom of my suitcase, as well as shower shoes/beach shoes and my bathing suit (!!!). A few dresses and cardigans are squeezed in, too, with my Susquehanna sweatshirt front and center. I’ve probably got three lifetime supplies of underwear and socks crammed in the corners as well.

I remember when I went to the first Accepted Students orientation at Susquehanna University. They gave us a free shirt (a sign of things to come: I’ve gotten three more since I’ve been a student) and on the front was the name of the university; on the back it said “Ready to GO?” as our university requires that every student spend a period of time abroad, and the program that organizes the trips is called Global Opportunities. I remember reading the back of that shirt with pride, excitement, and a dash of fear.

I’m ready to answer that question now.

Yes, Susquehanna. I’m so ready to go!


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