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Why I quit my internship

I was the strange kid in the study abroad group simultaneously completing an American internship.

I worked at nights when I had finished (…maybe…) my homework and was in no danger of missing out on cultural experiences or, more importantly, time with my host family.

Not anymore. As of Thursday, I’ve given my two-week notice.

mediashift-awesome-300x182 To be clear, I love my internship. In case you weren’t following one of the other two blogs I write for (my own and the American University Career Center intern blog), I was the editorial and podcasting intern for PBS MediaShift, a magazine-style online news organization dedicated to covering journalistic innovation and challenges in the digital revolution. I wrote a number of pieces, produced other articles for our website and helped produce the weekly podcast, The Mediatwits.

It was always boatloads of fun, and I learned a lot about my own skills as a journalist and about the industry that I hope to join full-time once I graduate. To boot, it helped fund my Costa Rican gallivanting.

But as homework has increased and my time for trips across the mountains and jungles of Costa Rica have decreased, I realized, much to my chagrin, that I needed to get my priorities straight: I’m only here for less than three months, and I’m going to want it spend it absorbing this country rather than keeping one foot in North America.

I was fulfilling fewer of my responsibilities for my editors at PBS and missing more opportunities to explore this amazing country. As soon as I felt that balance start to shift, I knew it was time for something to give, and it for sure wasn’t going to be my study abroad experience.

I might go back (if they take me). But in the meantime, I need to spend more time experiencing and documenting my time here rather than vicariously living like an American through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. It’s the only way I’ll get the full abroad experience.

Follow the rest of my adventure throughout Costa Rica here at IFSA-Butler’s blog, at my blog, on Twitter or even on Facebook.


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