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Ready for Ireland! Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.


I’m a little bit in denial about packing a year’s worth of clothing/other necessities (what’s actually a necessity, I’m not sure) into one suitcase. Other than that, I’m set.

Kidding. I have just about two weeks before I head to Cork for 10 months and it’s all a blur. That is kind of a big deal and maybe I should start thinking about some logistics, aside from YAY IRELAND. For a while now, studying abroad has been this abstract concept that apparently (according to every person I talk to) I’m going to love. I believe them, I do. I am so excited, but a year of my life in a different place with brand new people is tough to fathom.

Here’s a list of things to do, some of which I’ve done because I’m all prepared and such:

  • I said goodbye to most of my friends from school already. CHECK
  • Say goodbye to my cat.
  • I’ve already told my mother that I won’t be crying in the airport and she’s not allowed to either because that would be ridiculous. We’ll see each other in December, it’ll be fine, really. CHECK
  • I purchased rain boots. CHECK
  • Read the Irish history section of that guidebook
  • Don’t overpack
  • Be ready for damp, cold weather. Oh wait, I’m from Vermont, never mind.
  • Not freak out when everyone goes back to school and I have two weeks in limbo before I leave for Ireland.
  • Get insanely thrilled for all of the change and people and culture I’m going to encounter. CHECK



2 Responses to “Ready for Ireland! Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.”

  1. Elena Says:

    Dear Emily, Of course it will be totally fine, more than totally fine. Mom too will be ok, I’ll make sure she is. Wish I could put Ireland on my list of places to go this coming year so I could see you in your new element, thriving to be sure. I wish you Godspeed and send all our love for your journey. I so look forward to your posts.

    ps will I automatically receive notice of posts by adding comment here or is there something else I need to do? can’t tell from this page …

  2. Sara Wotman Says:

    Hi Emily,
    The hard part is the anticipation. I too am sure you will love it! I appreciate your humor and would like to be able to follow your blog, however that’s done.
    G’ma Sara

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