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It has been a while and I apologize! My last week has been pretty busy with school, volunteering and friends. I made it out alive though! Volunteering was so fun! We took a ferry to Matiu/Somes Island and did a bit of work before walking around the island and feeding the new lambs that were born! They were so adorable!  on the island we saw a Little Blue Penguin! It was a bit grumpy since we were being nosey but it was worth the glares it gave us. ;p After volunteering we went to this amazing pizza place called One Red Dog. It was an amazing place! I recommend it to anyone who is in Wellington. I got ahead of myself; the first day of my trip to Wellington was filled with meeting new kiwis and spending time with my host Colleen! She was so sweet to host me for the weekend. We got to experience a few rather strong earthquakes while I was there too! Very exciting! On the second day we got to cook at the Asiana Cooking School and go to the Weta Cave! Which was an awesome little museum of the movies they have done the props and graphics for.


Colleen and I with Smeagol!

Yesterday was the last day of classes!! I only had one test and I hope it went well, I will find out Monday. I head to Auckland for a week, this Tuesday and can’t wait to see those friends that I left at the beginning of my trip! For those who are on break, Hope you have lots of adventures! For those closing in on starting classes…HAHA!! Have fun and good luck! :p


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