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Looks Like My Summer Vacation is Over…

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. As I meander my way through the end of this summer, I’m realizing the importance of living everyday outside of my comfort zone. Although I thought it near impossible and even inconvenient to lay out study abroad plans, I’m beginning to understand how wrong of a favor I could have done myself were I to devoid myself of this opportunity. Though taking risks can yield disastrous outcomes, they can also give rise to new and wondrous horizons.

Let me give you a formal introduction of myself:

Hi all. I’m Sandy; a twenty-one year old female Hmong student that can be found roughly in the Midwestern region of the United States. I currently attend Gustavus Adolphus College, a liberal arts school in St. Peter, MN. This fall, I’ll be attending the University of Edinburgh in Scotland! Needless to say, I’m enthralled and can hardly wait to embark on many new adventures across the waters!

It’s been a busy and bustling summer for me! In these last 3 months, I’ve:

  • Visited New York for the first time!
  • Learned to navigate via the public transportation on the metro!
  • Executed my Phillips Scholarship project to create an online magazine where Hmong students can express themselves
  • Went on a road trip to see: Glacier National Park, Makoshika, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and even Crazy Horse from afar!
  • Bade farewell to many of my friends and family before I leave for the next four months.

& now I step forward in a new direction as I conclude this eventful summer!

I’ve never traveled by myself before, let alone travel outside of the country; so this is going to be a first! I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I traverse across the globe this semester. I’ve already begun to connect with people through social media and am anticipating ‘fresher’s week’ once I arrive. But honestly, I must resume to my packing and checking off of lists before I begin. I leave this coming Tuesday, September 3rd and should be arriving the following morning. The anticipation is wrought with dread and joy, all at once…

And with that, I conclude my first, anxiously-ridden thoughts on this blog. The next time I write to you may even be in Scotland; see you then!


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