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La Fortuna

Volcan Arenal

A great weekend in La Fortuna. A little town at the base of Volcán Arenal. Spent three days there, if you count travel time, it was at least 4 hours in a bus both ways. The countryside the bus went through was gorgeous though. It truly was countryside.

We passed a lot of cattle. Most of them were either the black and white Holsteins most people picture when they hear the about cows, you know the ones from the Real California Cheese commercials. Or they are the breed with the big shoulder hump and deep jowls. We also ran passed a lot of cultivated land. Farms for coffee with row after row of coffee bushes. Farms for cabbage, with the heads growing sideways of of a hill. It was beautiful when we passed whole hillsides coming through the mountains of terraced land with crops planted.


I book-ended my trip with jungle adventures pushed right up against bus rides, rushing from the bus to zip lining and from a hike to buy a bus ticket. You can read all about that interesting hike on Zach’s blog, he did it the day before. A beautiful, but straight up, hike to the peak of Cerro Chato a dormant volcano right next to Arenal and much easier to access from La Fortuna. There is a lake in the crater where people are allowed to swim, after they first make the trek.


My canopy tour with three others from IFSA was incredible, will definitely be doing that again when I get to Monteverde.  There were 12 cables ranging in length from 25om to 980m. And some with a height of over 100m. The views and the thrill were incredible. We even took a cable right over La Fortuna Waterfall, one of the most visited places by tourists in the Arenal area.

La Fortuna Waterfall

I took this while zip lining along the longest of the lines run by our tour company. It can be an expensive outing but everyone should do it at least once. Take the time to look at what is offered for the price and talk to people, the employees at our hostel were very forthcoming with information about each possible package and company when we got there and started planning our canopy adventure.

In between those two extreme adventures we went on a Chocolate Tour and wandered the shops of La Fortuna. I am afraid my bank account took a hit with my souvenir spending spree. Oh well, will have to not buy any extra food for the next few weeks is all.


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