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La Fortuna

This weekend the majority of our group traveled to La Fortuna, a super touristy area Northwest of Heredia. It is famous for Volcán Arenál, an active volcano that constantly spews smoke. With $140 in my pocket and two days free, I´m pleased to say that I made the most of my time there. Here is a rundown:


3:00am                 I woke myself up and packed.

4:45am                 Three friends and I met at the University to walk together to the bus stop.

5:00am                 We left on a bus for San José to get to another bus stop that would take us to La Fortuna. The bus ticket cost roughly $1.

6:15am                 Our bus left for La Fortuna. This ticket cost approximately $5.

11:00am               Our bus arrived at La Fortuna.

11:30am               We checked into Backpackers Resort. Each night is $15 in the dorm-style room. We stayed with two guys from Barcelona and a fellow from Holland.


3:30pm                 Zip Lining! With our student discounts, we only paid $48 each.


2:00am                 In this grand time span we perused the souvenir shops and enjoyed the pool and nightlife.


Taking a look at the schedule now, we were awake for 23 hours on Friday. Talk about a long day!

Zip Lining: There are no words to describe how incredible it was, so I won´t even try. Here I have a video of a buddy taking off… and there he goes, gliding into the mist. I think the lack of sound makes the video a little anticlimactic, but oh well… And the return!

Saturday we went on a chocolate plantation tour. It was surprisingly very enjoyable. We got to see the process of how chocolate is made, beginning from growing the tree from seed to the final product: a chocolate bar. This tour only cost $8 with our student discount. Definitely worth the price.

At 2:45 we made the reverse trip back to Heredia, exhausted. In total, the trip cost me about $140 (I refused to take out more money than I initially thought I was going to spend.)

And here we have a helter-skelter collection of photos-





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