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My (unofficial) tea & crumpet list

Tomorrow is the big day! I’ve been waiting all this time for it to finally hit me, that I’m moving to a completely new country for four months. I’m still not sure it has yet. Saying goodbye to everyone has been hard, but I’ve done it before, and I know I’ll do it again. I’ve always dreamed of visiting London, and now I’m going to be living there. It is so unbelievably crazy to think about. So I figure, to make the best of it, I should make a list of all the things that I would like to accomplish (at this very moment) while I am abroad. I’m sure things will be added to this list while I’m there, but for now, these are the few things that I plan to accomplish.

If a bucket list is something that you want to accomplish before you die, what would you call a list of things that you want to complete in a semester in London? I’ll have to research clever names, or British slang for “bucket.” So as of right now, I suppose we’ll call this a Tea & Crumpet List, since a cup of tea is smaller than a bucket, and because British people are known for drinking tea. (I’m not entirely sure I even know what a crumpet is, but “tea and crumpet list” sounded better than “cup of tea list”…)

1. Enter a red phone booth. If it’s even possible to make a phone call in one still, call someone.

2. See Big Ben. Take a cheesy tourist photo.

3. Ride a double-decker bus.

4. See Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, or The Queen. Or all four. (Unrealistic? Maybe. Do i care? Not one bit.)

5. Perfect my British accent. Along with that; be able to use “bloody” as an adjective in a sentence without feeling/sounding completely ridiculous. (this may be a stretch, but a girl can dream)

6. Travel!

7. Go to a pub. (this may not seem very exciting or extreme to some people, but ever since P.S. I Love You, I’ve always wondered if they’re all actually as cute and romantic as they were in the movie… Guess I’ll find out.)

8. Go to afternoon tea. I’m not even sure that I like tea… But, when in Rome… (or London…)

I will definitely follow-up on whether or not I actually do accomplish these things.

The next time I write, it’ll be from across the pond! Cheers!


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