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Pre-departure Rant

Hello all!

I would have been more prompt with my pre-departure send off but, as with all things in life, that did not go as planned.

My laptop got badly hacked last week so it was out of commission and I also just turned 21 and appropriately celebrated in Vegas for which I was out of commission as well.

These last few weeks have been a combination of excitement, hesitation and overall impatience to go and start my experience abroad.  Saying my good-byes have been the worst part of it (and figuring out money).  Ugh, being an adult is not so fun sometimes but, everyone has always told me that the preparation is the most irritating part of this whole process.

I am just glad that I found time to write before I leave bright and early at 5am from LAX! But for now I have a farewell dinner to get to with family and friends.

The next time I write I’ll be in the UK!

Until then, I am frantically doing last minute packing (Yay procrastination!)




One Response to “Pre-departure Rant”

  1. Judy Martin Says:

    Hope your having a dream come true!
    think about you and hope your happy!
    Me I am just working away answering these silly calls.
    keep Smiling this is such a great thing that happened for you and I am sure has opened a whole new world.
    So are you bring home a new guy from the UK??
    miss you,

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