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On Saturday, the whole group went on a trip to Caral. It is the oldest civilization in the Americas, and second oldest (after Mesopotamia) in the world! We met bright and early for a 5 hour bus ride, then had a guided tour of the site.

The site itself is a barren, dry desert of sand, but the inhabitants used the green, lush valley nearby for agriculture and then kept food and water in storage areas. They also sometimes went to the sea and fished. They built pyramids, structures, a whole city of stone. It was really interesting to see! And, as a bonus, it was warm and sunny!

Then we stopped for a tasty lunch. For me, Ocopa Arequipeña, Tortilla de Verduras y Arroz. We also stopped for some picarones, an Afroperuvian sweet of fried dough topped with honey.

Good day!


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