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Week 1: Castle-like Buildings and Tea.


So my school looks like a castle, or Hogwarts, you choose. It’s old and beautiful and they actually hold classes in its east and west wings. However, the reason why that grassy area in the middle looks so exquisite and untouched is because it is. No one sets foot on the lawn until they graduate, aside from the man who mows the lawn of course (lucky guy!). Rumor is, if you step on the grass you’ll fail your degree. There is also a crest engraved in the center of the main arch that students avoid stepping on due to the fact that it would get you pregnant. Very logical I think. The best is when there is a herd of people rushing to classes, yet there is a pause and a split of the group to the sides as they enter the archway.


There is so much tea all the time and I’m not complaining one bit. I’m coming to understand that it is an integral part of the Irish culture. Americans tend to rely on coffee for a boost of energy that will make up for a lack of sleep. Tea in Ireland though, is a little more about bringing people together, as well as an individual comfort. It is acceptable to have it at every meal, even between meals too. There is tea in grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, cafes, tables on the street, seriously everywhere. UCC has an official Hot Beverage Society, which is very telling. The other great part about tea is that it is often paired with loads of delicious desserts. I was having afternoon tea with a friend this weekend at Serendipity Cafe and had an amazing apple crumble. I am 100% content with swapping out my coffee habit for a tea addiction.



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