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I spent this past weekend in Paris! How crazy is that? …probably crazier to me, than anyone else. We left London at 5:30am on Friday to take the tube to the train station, where we met our tour guide and the rest of the group. I was travelling with four other girls from my house, and we all were able to sit together on the train. The train only took a little over two hours to get from London to Paris. I had never been on a train before! (unless you count the tube… which I don’t). Once we arrived in Paris, we walked to a bus (or “coach” as they call it here) and took a sightseeing tour of Paris. We were able to have an hour free on the Champs Elysees for lunch. The first meal I ate in Paris was a happy meal at McDonald’s… We saw the Arc de Triomphe and took lots of pictures! Then we got back on the bus and it took us to our hotel, where we got to relax for an hour. After our break, we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, where we boarded a boat and took a cruise on the River Seine. We saw so many of the famous Paris sights. After the cruise, we were left to do our own thing.

The line to take the elevator up the Eiffel Tower looked like it would take hours to get to the front of, so we decided to climb the stairs! We only made it to the first level, because we were exhausted by the time we made it there. The view was still amazing though! Once we finally made it back down, we walked around the area by the Eiffel Tower and took tooooons of touristy pictures. Then we made our way back to the metro and back to our hotel. I was so surprised that we were able to navigate the metro, but most of the signs and announcements were in English as well as French. We stopped and got some seriously delicious sandwiches (I ate too much bread while I was there) before we went back to the hotel.
Saturday morning, we had breakfast in the hotel (croissants!) and then took the metro to Sacre-Coeur, one of the oldest churches in France, along with another (I think it was called St Pierre, but I could be wrong). We weren’t able to take pictures in Sacre-Coeur, but we could in the other. After that, we were left with an hour before we had to meet the group for Notre Dame, so we explored the area and found a souvenir shop. Then we took the metro to Notre Dame. We went inside and were also able to take pictures there. It was unbelievable. (The gargoyles on the top didn’t move like they did in the movie… That was the only disappointment). After Notre Dame, we got on a bus to Versailles. The bus ride took about an hour with traffic, so I took a much-needed nap. The Palace of Versailles was so overwhelming. Half of the time, I didn’t know what to take pictures of, because there was so much! It rained basically all day Saturday, but it was still an amazing day.
Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel again (more croissants!) and then took the metro to the Louvre. Just like Versailles, the Louvre was completely overwhelming. We walked around inside for about an hour, saw Mona Lisa, and then decided to go walk around again. We had a lot of time to kill before we met back at the hotel. We had crepes for lunch and explored some of the souvenir shops, then headed back to the hotel. Once we were at the hotel, we boarded the bus to the train station. The girls that I was with and I almost didn’t get through border patrol… That was frightening, and probably a story for another time. After another two hour train ride, we were back in London! I actually found myself excited to come back home. (I find myself calling London “home” and it’s so weird!)
I had an amazing time in Paris. Although it was a lot of money, I couldn’t be happier that decided to go. I think I can officially call myself a world traveler! That will probably be my biggest trip while I’m in London, but I’m completely alright with that. I got to see everything that I’ve only dreamed about seeing in person, and made a ton of good memories.

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