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Rainy Day

Sorry that I haven’t written a post in a while! It has been a pretty laid back time here in the 90’s throwback that is NZ. My little country town of Palmy is pretty much paradise on Earth. I have had the chance to leisure read and just finished my 6th book :) I love reading.

A couple weekends ago I joined some people from the surf club for a beach day. Four people with a beach all to themselves. It was wonderful. We went to Himatangi Beach and it was amazing. The surf was great and the beach was empty. The sun being out just made it that much better! I can’t wait to do our over night trip to the east coast beaches.

My friend and I have been going to rehearsal for the MUDS play we are in. It is very time consuming but fun work. We have made lots of friends that I will be very sad to leave. At least there is Facebook! Last night we had a bit of a cast party; board games, a few drinks, and general socialization.  It has been a very good experience so far.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time abroad, starting school, or whatever else you may be up to! Stay tuned for upcoming birthday stories!



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