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How the Time Flies

With little more than a month left of the program, our IFSA group is beginning to have mixed feelings. Although it seems everyone is ready to be done with classes and misses the States, we also are in a mad scramble to trek the yet-unknown parts of Costa Rica. Every weekend has been packed full of excursions, tours and such.

Personally, this mad scurry to experience Costa Rica has affected me very little. I made the right decision when I opted for the year-long program. I have the opportunity to discover this beautiful country at my own pace, to immerse myself in the culture, to tell myself that, yes, I don´t have to be perfect at Spanish right this second because I still have time.

What´s more, I also made the decision to remain in Costa Rica for summer (November-February) break. My host family is graciously allowing me to stay with them. Although I definitely miss my family dearly every day, this gives me the chance to experience so much more. I will have:

  • The pleasure of serving Thanksgiving, which Ticos obviously don´t celebrate, to my host family
  • A tropical Christmas (I am soooo going to miss the snow.)
  • No classes, so I can enjoy Costa Rica without the added stress.
  • Possible visits from friends and family in the States. I can´t wait to be a tour guide!
  • The additional time to improve my Spanish.

Overall, I think I made the best decision. Thanksgiving will be the most bittersweet, being a day dedicated solely to appreciating friends and family. I already miss being assistant chef to my mother, the best pie-maker in the Midwest. Hopefully I can impart upon my host family the special atmosphere that Thanksgiving brings me when I celebrate it with my family in the States.

To break the sentimental atmosphere, here I have some semi-random photos. I feel it also necessary to post these because my last few posts haven´t had pictures. These are the painted oxcarts of Sarchí. They are one of the few purely Costa Rican crafts. Ticos used these carts to transport coffee from the plantations to the railroad for exportation.

Top: The world´s biggest oxcart, certified through Guinness World Records). 2nd: mini oxcart souvenir, about the size of a nightstand. 3rd: a normal sized oxcart. 4th: a souvenir wheel

big-cart cart-1 cart2 cart3




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