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(Not so) Fresher’s Week

Silly me came to Edinburgh on the third of September believing that I’d be starting school the following week. I guess I didn’t look close enough on the brochures and information packets because I was in for a week of nonstop fun and excitement as arranged by the University of Edinburgh.

So, Edinburgh does this thing where they put on various events, activities, tours and games for ‘freshers’. Prior to arriving here, I had no idea that I’d basically be considered a freshman—so twenty one year old me hung out with a bunch of seventeen and eighteen year old students not realizing that I was intermingling with first years. At first I thought it was strange that I was meeting so many young adolescents; and then it finally hit me. I hadn’t met a single fourth year student.

Regardless, I enjoyed my first beer at the Sciennes Hall pub crawl!


Even so, being an older exchange student didn’t stop me from taking part in the festivities! The first night, Vangaboys performed live for us (they’re the band that sings cheesy lines such as ‘boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room’). We had themed dances virtually every night (i.e. James Bond, Pirates), a nightly jazz lounge, headspeaker dances (where people pay a deposit and groove to music on a headphone), ceilidhs (Gaelic/Scottish dances) and how could I forget? We also had long queues for each one–where I would argue about lines vs. queues, pop vs. soda vs. coke, pants vs. trousers, sneakers vs. trainers, among many other pronunciations of words.

Apart from night-time social gatherings, our Residential Assistants helped us in taking advantage of the opportunities this week, including the Free Shop (free items left behind from other students, such as pots, bowls, pans, coat hangers, etc.), Trade Fair, Societies Fair, and Sports Fair. I cannot even begin to express how we all overwhelmingly benefited from these events!

It was wonderful to be able to meet so many people in such a short amount of time; furthermore, the Residential Assistants here were incredibly kind in guiding us young folks towards fun. I think it’s needless to say that these social events bolstered my enthusiasm to be here.


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