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Exploring Outside of CABA

This weekend was amazing! I went exploring outside of la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (CABA) and went to the Iguazu Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. It truly was amazing and I would reccommend to any future student studying in Argentina to go to see the Iguazu Falls. It is a must do! Words cannot describe the experience. The falls left me speechless and got soaked at the boat ride.I went with a huge group of students studying abroad from all over the world, France, Mexio, U.S., Germany, and even Argentina itself. I would highly reccomend that in order to particpate in large group events to join as many groups on facebook as you can, which is the main form of communication currently through majority students studying abroad in Argentina. Realistically speaking though, if you do go in large groups with friends, the amount of work accomplished will not be what was hoped for, so plan ahead. To be in Buenos Aires is amazing, but Argentina is an enourmous country that every region is different and has something new to offer. I took hundreds of pictures, but to my luck my notebook is no longer functioning, so posting pictures will have to be postponed for a later time.


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