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Why my life has become an ongoing episode of The Real World

This week has definitely had its ups and down. It feels like half of the people that I live with have been sick, or getting sick – myself included. I’ve been doing a lot of half-napping during the day, where I lay in bed and accidentally fall asleep for twenty minutes, wake up, and do it all over again. The worst part is that the weather has actually been decent for the past few days, but I haven’t had the energy to put it to good use (although I have ventured to the post office, laundry-mat, and grocery store alone a few times). I wish I could be enjoying it more though. The worst of my cold seems to be over, so I’m in that weird in-between phase where I still don’t feel great, but don’t have an excuse anymore because my voice has returned to normal. Once the sun came out at the end of last week, it felt like everyone was much less on-edge, but then everyone started to get sick and it all went downhill from there. Another thing that’s been attributing to everyone’s foul moods is that 15 more people moved into our house last week and it’s become quite a bit more crowded. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the most over-populated season of The Real World, London: Study Abroad, without the fun of being on TV. (we have joked about creating a confessional room like they do in the real world, where we could go film ourselves complaining about everything that’s been going on in the house. I volunteered my room.) Let me just tell you that living in such close proximity with so many people isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I should mention though that I’ve made a ton of great friends here already. But that doesn’t mean that this place hasn’t had its fair share of drama.

Keeping up with classes is rough. Taking four, three-hour long English classes a week is definitely taking its toll. The day that I have two classes my days are virtually over by the time I get home. I find myself unable to enjoy and actually understand the works that we are reading because I focus too much on just getting through it all in a week. (So far, I’ve read two novels, two Shakespeare plays, and half of Oliver Twist. And by class this week I’ll have finished Oliver Twist, read another Shakespeare play, and another novel.) You could say that I’m in a little over my head. Even as an English major, that’s too much. Someone asked me the other day if I’d recommend the program that I’m in. I found myself sad to say that the city is the most amazing place I’ve ever been, but that I’d suggest finding a different school. I don’t enjoy being in classes with only six or seven other people. If I had known that it was going to be like this, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this program myself. Coming from a decently sized school, I feel like I’m totally missing out on the social aspect of school. There are only three people in my classes that I don’t live with. I have yet to meet one British student because the school that I am attending is mostly a night school for “the working man.” As much as I love where I live and the fact that I’m here, I don’t love the situation that I’m in when I’m in classes.

The good news is, I get a very special visitor in less than 2 days! I’ve been counting down to this week for a long time, so I have a really good feeling that all the negativity will cease when he arrives. I can’t wait to finally have some familiarity in this crazy city, let alone a reason to finally go back out and do some more exploring!


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