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Hiking and the Best Fish & Chips Ever.


The honeymoon is over, I’m actually a real live college student again. This isn’t summer vacation anymore. I’m registered for classes, my Blackboard account finally works, and I’ve started to take out library books. Also, clubs and societies are beginning, which has been an opportunity to really get to know Irish students. I joined the Mountaineering Club and boy was I unprepared. This past weekend I got up at 7am on a Sunday to make it to the bus that would bring us to Boughil Mountain. They had highly encouraged hiking boots and rain pants, but I disregarded that and assumed Nike’s and running leggings would be just fine. Rookie move. By the end, after many falls and puddles and climbs over muddy rocks, I was soaked and exhausted. I had never done hiking like this before. There was no trail, so I had to trust these UCC students with their compass and paper map to not let me die. It was one of the most difficult/awesome things I’ve experienced since arriving in Ireland. Last night, I went to the first meeting of the Live Music Society and can’t wait to get more involved with that!


Surprisingly I’ve been eating better here than I did at home because I cook every day. However, there are a few exceptions. My friend Rachel are on a quest for the best fish and chips we can find in Ireland. So far, the winner is without a doubt Jackie Lennox’s Chip Shop. After a 20 minute trek through a Cork neighborhood we weren’t familiar with, we found the restaurant. You can get anything you want on your chips (that they hand cut!): peas, gravy, garlic mayo, etc. We decided to go traditional with a plain order of fish and chips, along with a cheese onion pie. Rather than serving it to us on a plate or any sort of container, they just wrapped it up in a huge wad of paper. It is probably a good thing that Lennox’s isn’t close to where I live or I would be frequenting it a bit too often.



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