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Things We See in Lima: Part 2

  • a taxi containing one man and several very large bags of frozen raw french fries
  • a party micro with scantily-clad women dancing in the aisle
  • a taxi with the word “DANGEROUS” (in English) emblazoned in large white stylized decal letters on the windshield
  • a taxi with “SUCCED” in decal letters on the windshield
  • all seen within 15 minutes in Villa El Salvador:
    • a mototaxi with a strobe light hanging near the driver’s head, because that’s really safe.
    • a taxi with a blacklight inside
    • a combi with a blacklight inside
  • a serenazgo walking through Parque Kennedy blowing bubbles
  • a man holding a pooper-scooper up to his dog’s behind to save the step of picking up the poop from the ground
  • a man lying back and steering his motorcycle with his feet
  • this:  dscn4577



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