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Life without a Computer

Also know as college student hell. Last week I had three papers due. This week I have three more papers and a presentation due. Next week another presentation but, so far as I know, no papers.

My computer is also how I stay in touch. Skyping with my family and friends. Emails with professors. Facebook chats to plan weekend trips.

All of this is gone! I came home last week and my computer worked, left it to charge overnight and awake to find one very dead computer. I am in a foreign country and even in English my computer knowledge is pretty limited. I had no idea what to do.

Tuesday was a visit to the IFSA office to ask if they knew where I should take it to get it worked on, they didn´t. But they did ask the guy who comes in through the university to work on their computers for a recommendation. That is how on Thursday I ended up wandering San Jose in search of a specific computer shop (they don´t have any signage). Costa Rica really needs to come up with a better address system.

There I met a Cuban who spent 20 years living in Florida and has spent the last three years here in Costa Rica. He speaks flawless English. He informed me after hearing what my problem was that the terrible power system here in Costa Rica was probably to blame, it is notorious for frying electronics what with its frequent outages and surges.

Today I got the call. My motherboard is fried. I was in the university computer lab trying to survive without a computer and nearly cried. Replacement will cost over $200. They have to order the part, it has already been over a week, it will be between one and two more before I can go pick up my newly repaired computer. I am unsure if I will make it.


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