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Food, Traveling, and Upcoming Excursions

The past few weeks have been beyond busy.  I’ve taken full advantage of my time here and have gone on a few trips the past few weeks.  I went to Barcelona two weekends ago with two of my best friends and last weekend, I visited Stonehenge & Bath with 2 girls that are here at Queen Mary with me.  I will make a separate post for each of those trips, as I have way too many photos and they would not fit in this post.

In addition to those two trips I also have a couple of other trips planned.  This coming weekend, the 11-13 of October I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland to visit family and one of my best friends who is studying abroad at Trinity.  The following weekend the 18-20 is Adventure Weekend at the Lake District.  I am beyond excited for this and can’t wait to be reunited with all the people I met during IFSA-Butler orientation!  And last but not least, the last weekend in October, myself and 3 friends will be traveling to Budapest, Hungary.  I don’t know much about Budapest, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful and is kind of like Vienna, Austria.

Despite all this trip planning, which takes longer than you might think,  I have finally settled into the Queen Mary lifestyle.  I’m beginning to really enjoy all my classes, especially my Molecular Basis of Disease class.  We learned about Mad Cow Disease the last two weeks.  My lecturer has researched the disease for the past 20 years and is so knowledgable and passionate about it.  On the food front, I’ve finally been brave enough to cook chicken for the first time.  I was really scared I would end up accidentally eating raw chicken, but it worked out perfectly and tasted really good.  The great thing about being abroad and “trying” to cook is that everyone is in the same boat as you.  My flatmates and I have all had our share of bad experiences already– runny omelets, raw meat, you name it.

I plan to post more about Barcelona, Stonehenge, and Bath in the next few days!  Hopefully you won’t be too overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I’ve taken.


xx, Francesca


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