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Random Food for Thought

These are the random thoughts that constantly run through my head.

  • Walking:
    • I probably walk four miles a day when you add up going to and from class and going out at night.
  • The Irish:
    • The Irish students go home at the weekends because they are “homesick.” Boo hoo. You live 30 minutes from home. I live 4,500 miles from home. It is not that easy to fly 13 hours back to my house.
  • Graham:
    • There are green vans that drive around with the word “Graham” on the side. I get a wee bit sad every time I see one.
  • Mac and Cheese:
    • I found three boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I bought all three without looking at the price. Only one box remains.
  • Five Legs:
    • We have two table benches in our kitchen. One of them has six legs, and the other has five. The five-legged bench bothers me.
  • Fire Drills:
    • Elms Village has fire drills. College students live in Elms Village. They are making college students (legal adults) participate in fire drills. I thought that was over in high school.
  • Lukewarm Water:
    • My shower is never hot. Just lukewarm. The only upside to that is that my showers are always super quick.
  • Double Duvet:
    • The mattress on my bed is terrible. I bought a second duvet so I could sleep on top of one, and still be covered. Best £5 I have spent since I got here.
  • Laundry:
    • The laundry facilities are a rip-off. £2.50 for a wash and £1.50 for a dry. A girl on my floor informed that her mum is willing to do my laundry on the weekends, so I might take her up on that offer.
  • Posh:
    • Elms is in a very posh part of Belfast. I like it. The cars, the houses, the landscaping. All posh, and all good.
  • Bagels:
    • I am averaging one bagel every day. Semi-cheap and very good.
  • The Botanic Gardens:
    • I get to walk through the Botanic Gardens on my walk home from campus. Nice change of pace from the atmosphere in the city.
  • Jaywalking:
    • Jaywalking is perfectly acceptable, and if not encouraged here in Belfast. People would rather cross the street illegally than force cars to stop and hold up traffic.
  • Right-Sided Driving:
    • The strangest thing in the world is getting into the front seat of a taxi on the left side and not having a steering wheel in front of you.
  • Not-so-Late Outings:
    • People here go out super early compared to Americans. If I wanted to go out with my friends back home, I would wait until 10 or 11 at night. Never go at 8 o’clock like people here.
  • Soda:
    • Most of Europe has different coloured and flavoured drinks because they do not add all that fake unhealthy stuff that us Americans do. I am always taken back when I take a sip of Sprite or Coke.
  • 72:
    • The amount of days until I leave for Graham.
  • Driver’s Ed:
    • Will I remember how to drive when I get back to America? Or will I need to learn again?

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