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A case of mid-semester blues…

Dear reader,
I am sorry for not having written anything new within the past three weeks but a lot has personally happened in the time span. I finally have been hit with the mid-semester blues; I have only two more weeks for classes to be officially over but that last part of finishing up classes is always hard for me. I have also been hit with pangs of homesickness. A lot has being going on with my family and I wish I could be there with them. On top of the that I have combated against little random annoyances that can easily frustrate you; my ac adapter fried, leaving me with a useless laptop for two days; I lost my credit card, which was my main source of money, only to be found in the shop where I made my last transaction and I have recovered from a strange beak of hives and ear infection. Although, these things have gotten me a little bit on the blue sides lately, strangely enough it is these little bumps that makes life wondrous and intriguing. Life imperfections is what ultimately shapes you uniquely. I wouldn’t take back any of these little annoying things, but I feel the time has come for me to desire to be home.
As far as major exciting events, I went to Binna Burra Lodge with the IFSA-Butler program which was a nice little getaway. Activities included “Flying Fox,” an activity which you are pretty much suspended by ropes the whole time, and numerous of hikes. One of the most fun evenings consisted of “bush dancing,” followed by marshmallow-eating over ea fire and story-telling. Over all it was a lovely experience, giving me plenty of room for meditation and reflection.
Aside from this weekend getaway, I have been mostly hanging out with my Aussie friends over the week and weekends. They have been an amazing emotional support system for me during my stay in Australia and although I still have about a month left in Australia, I can say with great firmness that the part I will miss the most about Australia will be them. I don’t want to think about it, but there is this bitter-sweetness in knowing these are friends you might never get to see again because they literally live on the opposite side of the world from you. IFSA-Butler made my stay in Australia accessible. Without IFSA-Butler, I don’t think it would have been possible for to have come to Australia and with that said, I really hope my Aussie friends meet up with me in America or elsewhere.
So for the most part, I am trying to get over an episode of apathy and mid-semester blues.


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