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Playas y cumpleaños y abuelas y menos lluvia

Happy two months together, Mexico!  Almost halfway through my time with you!  Ah!

Apologies to those of you who have been anxious for my next post (Mom), cómo vuela el tiempo…. Here are some things I’ve been up to:

A group of about fifteen kids from IFSA-Butt and UADY rented out a beach house in Sisal (tiny beach town like an hour away from Mérida) last weekend where we built a fogata and introduced the Mexicans to S’mores, played a few shameful games of Beer Pong in which it was obvious how long I’ve been away from college, swam desnudos in the Gulf of Mexico, and slept in colored hammocks gently swaying in the thick, salty breeze.

Wednesday was my friend’s 21st birthday so we celebrated the fact that she has now been able to drink in Mexico for three years by going to a karaoke bar (these are a big deal here) and buying her enough tequila to be able to sing Isabel by Luis Miguel in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.  It was beautiful.  Earlier, another friend and I had surprised her at our favorite paletaría with cupcakes and candles and a super guapo birthday card.

My grandma came to visit at the end of last week which was super fun!  Her goal, other than to see Mérida, was to spoil me rotten so during the two days that she was here I ate at restaurants, slept in a room with AC, took the nicest shower I’ve taken in months, and got the world’s most heavenly massage.  My madre was incredibly excited to meet Grandma K and prepared a wonderful (huge) meal for us in which I got a great workout translating back and forth for them.  In general, having my abuelita here made me feel really competent in my Spanish-speaking.  Normally, the only times that stand out to me are when I don’t understand something or don’t remember how to say something, but with my grandma here, I noticed how easily I was able to say everything she asked me to say for her and how much I was communicating in a language she doesn’t understand, a language that I couldn’t understand five years ago but have been determined to teach myself.  Estaba bien orgullosa.  Also, she bought a sombrero.

Other than that, Mexico and I are both pretty much the same as ever.  The rainy season is coming to a close, leaving Mérida theoretically a few degrees colder than when I first got here, though it still hurts to walk outside between 11:00am and 3:00pm and when Skyping my parents last week, my dad asked at least four times: “why are you so shiny?”


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