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Down With the Sickness

Welp. As I write this post it is about 11pm on a Saturday night and my body decided that it probably wasn’t best for me to go out with my flatmates because I’m still down with the sickness that I mentioned last week.  I figure the more I take time for my body to finally heal itself, the less time I’ll spend at home studying while people are off celebrating yet another end to the week.

It has only been 2 weeks since term started and I am already scrambling to start (and hopefully finish relatively soon) my research papers.  Surprisingly, some of my Fresher flatmates are already beating me to the punch with their “revising” (another word to mean studying in the UK).  Don’t get me wrong, I have been particularly studious and haven’t fallen behind, but they definitely inspire me to start with a bang.

Also, in comparison to my interpretation of American nightlife (which usually falls between Friday and Saturday and sometimes on Thursday for University students), Cardiff doesn’t seem to discriminate the day of the week.  In fact, most Cardiff Uni students have most if not all of Wednesday off to participate in sports or societies that they joined and continue to go out with their fellow club/team members to commemorate the game/match/event at night.  So if I have to sit-out a weekend, there’s always something else going on fairly soon.

Oh, and I should mention that I did join  a couple societies: ENCAP, short for English, Communications and Philosophy and is technically course-based but I get to socialize with people in my area of study.  I also tentatively participate in hiking & rambling (because most events are on the weekends and I can’t attend all of them).

Lastly, this next coming weekend I will be attending the IFSA-Butler Adventure Weekend in the Lake District! So I may or may not be able to be prompt with my posts due to lack of service and availability.  BUT I promise to post pictures of my adventure ASAP.



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  1. Veronica Says:

    Hey Amy! Sad to see that your sickness lasted so long. Hopefully you are better now! Sorry it took me so long to check this out, things have been picking up pretty quickly back at the office, but it looks like you have some good times in store! Good luck with all your activities! I expect to see Dr. Who museum photos soon!
    -V :^)

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