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What Exactly is The London Look?

You know those new cosmetics commercials that say “Get the London look”? Well I never knew what that was until now and that look definitely doesn’t involve tennis shoes.  When I was in London for the first time in January, I was walking down the busy streets taking in all of the sites, but something made me feel out of place.  It wasn’t my accent, my attitude, or how I interacted with people.  It was my shoes.  After being in the U.K. for quite some time now, I realized that the easiest way to spot an American in a crowd is to look at their feet.  If they’re wearing tennis shoes, they are American. Among the population of woman in London that day, it seemed like not one pair of tennis shoes was worn except by me.

Fashion is the one thing that always fascinates me so I thought it was necessary to go shopping and find out what women in the U.K. were wearing. After many trips to the different shopping centers in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, and just walking around my campus, which is always filled with students that are dressed very well, I am very happy with what I found.

I noticed that women’s fashion in England and Wales is very smart and sophisticated.  Boots, flats, and heels are pretty much the only footwear worn.  Also, it’s all about accessorizing with scarves, hair clips, layers, different colored leggings, and uniquely patterned tights.  The most important accessory that every girl has with them every day on campus in Cardiff is their umbrella.  Black is very popular but many colors, some being very bold, come out in these accessories. 

While walking around on campus, I noticed that jeans are hardly ever worn and leggings with skirts are the popular trend.  This trend makes sense too considering the typical weather here.  One day I wore jeans to my lectures and it rained hard all day.  I luckily had my umbrella but by the end of the day my pants were completely drenched due to them soaking up the water on the paths. This is when I saw the logic behind wearing leggings and tights with boots; you’re not a human sponge by the time you get home!

I can honestly say that U.K. fashion is my new love and I really do want to get the London look! I was a little intimidated at first but after a couple shopping trips I think I’m fitting in a little better. It’s at least a good excuse to buy new boots! Knowing that the very nice shopping center in Cardiff is just five minutes away from campus doesn’t help my new obsession. Although, I’m really trying to stick to mainly just window shopping.  The U.S. dollar converts to only just 71 pence now! L As much as I love the fashion here, I really can’t afford it. Though there’s always hope for those sales to come around.



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