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The IFSA-Butler Staff in Mexico

In this post I would like to tell you how amazing my experience with the IFSA-Butler staff in Mexico has been. Diana is “the lady in charge” as you might say. She is from Ecuador and a very fashionable woman :) Her husband, Francisco, used to be a teacher at the UADY (I don’t think he is anymore) and is also a very fun person to be around. Once you arrive in Cancun, the two will pick you up, holding up welcome signs. Just seeing Diana, you will know why she is so awesome. She jokes around with everyone and most of the time it will feel like you’re talking to a good friend rather than the director of the program.

Once a semester she invites you to have dinner at her house with Francisco and her beautiful Labrador dog. She cooks the most amazing meals and everyone loved whatever she served. When she invited my group, it was supposed to be a nice dinner, but it turned into hours of talking, dancing, and joking around. We would turn up our tunes on her stereo system and she would join in the fun.

Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to talk to Diana. She has the best addresses for finding cheap teeth whitening options or laser hair removals :) (Honestly, if you are interested in either one, Merida offers very cheap and good options.) She will also take Yoga classes with you or meet up with you in the IFSA-Butler office to do a morning workout. This semester, one of the girls brought along all of the insanity workout DVDs and some of us would meet up with her to drop some Mexican-Tortilla-Pounds (because the food is sooo good here some workout is recommended :P)

Diana also helps you with anything you need for school. She will talk to teachers for you, print and scan documents for you, talk to your home university etc. Pretty much, whatever is on your mind you can count on her. This semester, the boy who stayed with my host family 2 years ago came to visit. His credit card got stolen on the bus so he called his parents to have the bank block it. However, they were on vacation and something went wrong, so suddenly all of his cards were blocked. He immediately went with Diana and I remember he returned hours later from her office, with a smile on his face because they had worked something out and he was expecting to receive a new card soon (meanwhile my host mom gave him a bit of money, worried about him like his own mom must have been).

Once you come to the IFSA office, you will ring the bell and Don Freddy will open the door for you. He is a wonderful person and is always in the office to keep it clean and take care of it. He is a bit older and enjoys being in the office and seeing the IFSA kids. He doesn’t have any family, so he pretty much lives in the office, but you can see he enjoys being part of our little IFSA community. His smile will always put you in a good mood.


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