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Hola Barcelona!



That’s about all the Spanish I know, which didn’t really help me at all when i went to BARCELONA last weekend, Sept 27-29th.  It was such an amazing trip and I was lucky enough to go with two of the most wonderful people Emma (my roommate from Davidson) and Katrina (one of my best friends from Davidson).

Katrina, like me studied French throughout high school and college, so we were helpless.  Emma, who is half Cuban and speaks Spanish very well (she thinks she doesn’t)  was our navigator and translator for the weekend.

I’m going to leave this little video to explain the rest of the trip and leave you with a list of my favorite things about Barcelona and a few pictures.

1.  The weather is simply splendid, quite a nice break from London

2.  Tapas.  My favorite are croquettes–basically processed ham that has a fried shell…so yummy!

3.  The history–We got to sit on the steps that Christopher Columbus strolled down when he landed in Spain to tell Ferdinand and Isabella about the Western World.

4.  The views.  If you ever get a chance to go to Barcelona climb the steps up to Parc Guille.  The view of the entire city and the Mediterranean is breathtaking.

5.  The sangria–hands down one of my favorite experiences sitting at a cafe on Las Ramblas and sipping out of huge straws with 2 of my best friends.


Emma and I after our first meal in Barcelona.  Where did the tapas go?


A cute little quote on the wall of our hostel–Fabrizio’s Petit Palace


Basilica de la sagrada Familia


Emma and I at Parc Montjuic with the Fountain show in the background



Katrina, Emma, and I at the Castle at Montjuic


On the steps where Columbus arrived in Spain


The beautiful view of the city and Mediterranean in the background


A Catalan Christmas tradition.  They hide these figurines in their nativity scenes!






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