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coffee, Shakespeare & rainy days

I have finally found good coffee in London! You probably wouldn’t expect this to be a big deal, but it is. The first quality cup of coffee I had was at the Globe Theater. Not exactly somewhere that you expect to find good coffee, but I’m not complaining. – Speaking of Shakespeare’s Globe, one of my classes this semester is Shakespeare in London, so we’re reading a bunch of his plays but also going to see them. The first play that we saw with class was Hamlet at this teeny-tiny theater that from the outside looked like someone’s house. The inside, just like the outside, looked as if it had once been an apartment and then renovated into a theater. The “stage” was really just a room with about 20 chairs and two doorways. I expected that I’d have to be constantly pinching myself to stay awake during the play, but it ended up being amazing. The second play that we saw for my class was Macbeth at the Globe. Earlier in the day, we took a tour through the theater and then had time to check out the exhibition which features everything from a page out of Shakespeare’s will to costumes that would have been used in the original performances. Then that night we returned to the Globe for the show. Since tickets were so popular, we ended up having to watch the play from the yard as “groundlings” like the poor people would have done in Shakespeare’s time. Unlike in Shakespeare’s time, the ground was actually clean and it was a very pleasant experience. The play itself ended up being something that I will look back on happily for the rest of my life. Not many people get to say that they’ve experienced a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theater. I only wish the Globe hadn’t closed this past weekend, so I’d have a chance to go back and see another play. We see one more play for my Shakespeare class this semester, but that doesn’t happen for a few more weeks.

Aside from the loads of homework that I’ve been keeping up on, I’ve also been working on planning a couple more trips. Not only am I (spur-of-the-moment) going on a Mediterranean cruise this weekend with my wonderful boyfriend and his family, but I also have a couple other trips planned for the coming month. November is going to be a crazy one! (I also have a lot more, important, school work coming up too) I fly to Barcelona this Saturday, which is where the cruise leaves from. We will spend the week visiting various places in France and Italy and then return to Barcelona on the next Sunday morning. I also go to Barcelona in the middle of November for a weekend with a few of the girls that I live with. Then three days after I return from Barcelona, I go to Norway for Thanksgiving. I’ve got a lot to look forward to, but also a lot to get done in order to be able to fully enjoy these trips.

It’s so crazy to think that I have less than two months left here. It has been flying by. I know I’ll look back and wonder where the time went, so I’m doing my best to make the most of every day. That isn’t to say that I don’t spend some time watching netflix in bed, but in my defense it rains a lot here! Since we’re on the topic of rain, I should probably say that I’m kicking myself for not bringing more rain-resistant shoes. Yesterday on my way to class, it was raining pretty hard and all I was wearing was a pair of ballet flats. Let’s just say that my shoes were doubling as pools by the time I got to class. I spent my three hour long class barefoot in an attempt to dry them out. (they were still wet when I left class) … whoops.

I’m incredibly excited to get away from this house (that still hasn’t lost its Real World nickname) next week. Although the drama is dying down, I think I’ll be able to come back with a better attitude after being away for a week. I think I’d come back with a better attitude regardless though because, hello, Mediterranean cruise… Bring on the sunshine!


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