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El Sindicato

Life on campus has been loud this week. A group of campus/university employees has been striking. This does not consist of walking around the entrances with signs on posts and shouting slogans.

They have a band!

This band walks around campus playing enthusiastically.  They walk through classroom buildings, a turn on every floor,  playing, during classes. They walk through the administrative buildings the same way.

They closed down the library on Tuesday.


Photo cred:  Zach C. Cohen

They do have signs, but not the kind you would see in the US. They are painted banners that they hang over the doorways of campus buildings. There are at least 6 that I have seen on any given day.

They have also been closing down streets in Heredia. A ten man band keeping hundreds (if not thousands) from getting out of Heredia and going home at the end of the workday.


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