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Things to not Forget to Pack

These are all things I am either extreemly glad I remembered to bring that weren´t on any packing list or things I wish I had brought.

  • Umbrella: a must, you can not survive without one. No one here uses rainjackets and there is a lot of rain.
  • Shoes: specifically bring more than one pair of tennis/hiking shoes. You will need a pair to wear while the others are drying.
  • Travel-size toilletries: you will travel a lot. On buses the smaller your bags the better, you don´t want to go without shampoo for 4 days or have to take the entire bottle that was supposed to last 5 months.
  • Shorts: anything that says girls don´t wear them is lying. Bring multiple.
  • Deck of cards: bus rides are boring.
  • Coin purse: you use change a lot, buses, food, copies, etc.
  • Calendar/planner: it is school, you need to keep track of your assignments and some professors don´t remind you when things are coming due.
  • Whiteout pen: All tests must be done in pen.
  • Sweater: it can get cold when it rains or in the evenings. Think how deserts get super cold at night.
  • Tight jeans: Jeans stretch as you wear them and shrink again in the dryer, there are no dryers here. A belt works too if you would rather.
  • Thumb drive: all assignments get printed out at copy shops, you wont be able to get it out of your email at most of them.
  • Host family gifts: times 3! You will have two host families, they will both need something. You are also likely to be here over a holiday like Mother´s Day or a birthday when something is also appreciated and life is easier if you don´t have to try and find something they would want here.
  • Spanish dictionary: I don`t know what I would do without it. Professors will also often let you have them out during tests in case you need a word or don´t understand something.
  • Bug spray & Sun screen: take it easy on these. You wont use it everyday in Heredia and what you don´t use will just take up space in you suitcase no the way home.

I guess that is enough items for now. Can´t remember anything else that I really wish I had brought or am super thankful I thought to put in.


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