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The Time We Discovered the Limits of the Mototaxi

On Saturday night I went to a meeting for volunteers at CEDED, the organization I’ve been working for in Villa El Salvador. It was a good and productive meeting, in which we discussed strengths and challenges for the team, and how to improve our work. Then we went for pizza at Inkafe, a short ways away.

Now, the way that everyone gets around in Villa El Salvador, especially in the parts without paved roads, such as where CEDED is located, is by mototaxi. They are cute little 3-wheeled vehicles that look like this:



So, for some reason someone had the idea that all of us could fit into 2 mototaxis to go the 10 minutes to the restaurant. That meant putting 5 adults and a baby in one mototaxi. Three of us sat down and two others climbed onto our laps, and we set off. A few hundred feet down the dirt road, the driver hit some sort of bump or hole, and the next thing we knew we were sideways. The mototaxi had tipped over. We all climbed out, with the assistance of several kind neighbors who had come out to help, and luckily all were unharmed except for one young lady, who had landed on the bottom when it fell, and complained that her shoulder was hurting. She had broken her collarbone. She went immediately to the hospital and is now awaiting surgery.

Two of us got into another mototaxi to meet the rest of the group at the restaurant. They had arrived just fine, despite having just as many people (but several were kids). We were assured that this kind of thing does not usually happen. I think I just have bad luck with motorized vehicles.

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to my dear Michelle.

(Note to IFSA people: this is NOT the Michelle from IFSA.)

P.S. Stay tuned for an update on parciales (midterms).


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