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Nose to the Grindstone

Personally I feel this weeks update is tedious, but at the same time necessary. This post serves two functions: to explain my workload as finals week approaches and to serve as an excuse for why I didn´t post something more interesting. With only 3 weeks left of the semester the projects and papers are piling up higher than Volcán Arenal. My classes and to-do-list is as follows:

Español Avanzado-

  • Final Paper, topic of your choice (I chose Costa Rican slang) 12 pages
  • Final Exam
  • Final Quiz
  • Field Trip to UCR theater

Historia Social-

  • Final Presentation
  • Final Paper, topic about history obviously, 5 pages
  • Exam

Riqueza Ecológica (Ecological Wealth)-

  • Final Exam
  • Final Advance, Semester-long project, 15 pages

Bases Coersitivas y la Desigualdad de Género (Coersion and Gender Inequality)-

  • Final Presentation
  • Final Paper, 5 pages
  • Mini Essay on an equality event, 3 pages

Harmonía y Polifonía (Harmony and Polyphony)

  • Compose a Jazz piece
  • Compose a Fugue

At the same time, we also have two IFSA field trips, evaluations, and last minute traveling. For the year-long students, we also have apartment hunting since we are staying in Costa Rica over the break. To end on a better note, here are some pretty pictures from around Heredia!



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