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Liberal Arts

I am an engineering student. I take mostly math and science related courses. I am used to lots of tests and often weekly homework assignments.

I am now, for a term, a liberal arts student. I now have very few tests. I occassionaly have weekly assignments. I always have essays. I always have presentations.

I am not sure I like it. When professors give 10-15 page essays with related presentations and tell you that they think that is rather short I get scared. I am an engineering student, I don´t write essays! I occassionaly write reports, they have a very distinct form and frow heavily on fluff. They are rarely more than 5 pages.

In a matter of weeks I have had a presentation and attached research paper in each of my classes (two have yet to be completed). Every class! In the States I would maybe have one, possibly two, presentations and research papers a term.

On top of that I am doing the research, writing, and presentation designing in a university computer lab that closes at 5pm because I still haven´t gotten my computer back from the shop. Hopefully today. I am now half way through week 4 without my laptop, as a liberal arts student. I cuold have survived better as an engineer who had to do math equations and physics labs instead of research papers.

The end is nigh though. I have, after this week, two weeks of classes left and three in Costa Rica. The time has flown by. Hope I have my computer back before I have to go home!


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