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All Families Struggle No Matter Where They Live

As is settling in a completely new country was not enough, settling in to the host families is another experience. It actually really is an eye opener to live with a family that you know nothing about and depending from what perspective it is taken is how much one can grow as a person.

I personally don´t believe I have the most amazing host family or maybe I really haven´t gotten to know them over my past three months, but living with them has made me appreciate even more my own family. I am not intending to generalize all Argentinians families in my post, because the program has made it clear that even though we live with Argentinian families, the families have been taught some American ways in order to make our experience more pleasurable.

So a breif description of my host family. I live with a host mom, whom appears in her 60´s, and a host brother that is 28 years old. Yes, 28 year old son lives with the mother, that was a shocker for me. My initial reaction was that he was a complete momma´s boy, which he is but that is another story. I have learned though that it is completely accepted and not until most recently expected that the sons and daughters lived with their parents until they left for marriage. It has been explained to me that given that most students attend colleges in the region, unlike Americans, there is no reason for the kids to leave their parents home.

Now why do I appreciate my family even more???
Because I have realized all families are disfunctional! Which is great, because it makes each family unique and therefore my family is unique. I always thought my family argued a bit excessively, and they do, but my host family appears to always be fighting over the simplest unimportant events and it makes me realize that all families argue. Some families may argue more than others, but never the less there is still love in the air. I may have had a rough childhood growing up, but I have realized that thanks to my childhood I have become a strong person. I can live with my host family and not allow their private issues affect my life.

All families are disfunctional, but at the end… family is family and well I love, miss, and appreciate my family even miles away!!!


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