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Savoring Lima

Now that parciales are over, I have a few more interesting things to tell you about my life in Lima.

IFSA has started offering cooking classes in the office with the wonderful Señora Maria! There have been three so far, and I attended all of them. In the first one, she taught us how to make papa a la huancaina and arroz con pollo. In the second, we learned causa rellena and lomo saltado. In the third one, we made quinoa pesque and arroz con leche. All Peruvian criollo classics, all delicious! And of course, we got to eat the results.

There have also been some nice visits! A family friend, who is Peruvian but lives in the US now, came to visit her brother in Lima for a few days. It turns out he lives a few blocks from me! So I met them for dinner at La Lucha (a great sandwich joint by Parque Kennedy) one night. It was great to see someone from home and to meet someone new here.

I also met some of my friend Drew’s family friends, who came to Peru on vacation and stayed in Miraflores for a few days. Showing them around Miraflores made me feel a bit more like a local, or at least a bit more like this is my home.

I finally started buying all of the unknown fruits I see in the grocery store! I’ve fallen in love with aguaymantos (goldenberries in English), granadillas, maracuya (passion fruit) juice, and lucuma-flavored things! Lucuma isn’t really eaten raw but it has a wonderful, light, sweet flavor perfect for ice cream and other desserts. Another cool thing I’ve discovered is plátanos de isla, which look like a shorter plumper version of the bananas we’re used to, but are peachy-orange on the inside! They have a slightly different flavor, too. I tried a chirimoya once, a bizarre fruit that’s green on the outside with white, creamy flesh inside, and I didn’t like it. I’m not sure if that particular one that wasn’t ripe enough or was somehow off, but I haven’t been brave enough to try another one since.

I discovered (thanks to my friend Ciara) yoga classes in a nearby park for 5 soles, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. Yoga in the fresh night air, with the sky above and grass below my feet, with the instructor’s rich, deep, soothing voice, is a magnificent experience. I plan to go twice a week from now on.

Only 6 weeks left! Time has flown. It’s time to start checking off some things on my Lima bucket list… and doing all of the projects and essays and presentations that come with the end of the semester! But for now, I’m savoring a more relaxed side of life.


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