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A Halloween to Remember

Happy Halloween! Even though Argentina doesn’t celebrate Halloween, this has certainly been the scariest Halloween yet, and it is not even nighttime yet! The Halloween scares officially commenced last night, shortly after midnight. A few friends and I were outside, and a black cat crossed paths with us. I am certainly not a superstitious person, but considering how my Halloween has started off, I am beginning to have second thoughts…(read on).

When I turned off the alarm on my phone this morning, I noticed I had a message from my bank reporting unusual activity. This raised a red flag, since I have not used my debit card in over two weeks. I checked my account online, and someone had taken $400 out of my account….in CHILE! After a brief panic attack and a far-from-brief chat with Mr. I-read-everything-from-a-script at Wells Fargo, the bank told me they would have to cancel my account and send me a new card….but they can only send the card to my address in the States, and it will take 7-10 days…and THEN, my parents will have to send me the card from Kansas, which will take at least another 2 weeks…So I will be without a way to get money for at least 3 weeks! Yeah, I know what you are thinking. There are surely other ways for me to get money, and surely they are (borrowing from a friend, wiring money, etc.), but those arrangements have not been discussed yet, so it is still an added stress to an already-stressful week. Study Abroad/Traveling Lesson/Advice #1: Bring more than one debit/credit card with you routed to two different accounts!

The second realization this morning was that we still didn’t have water. There was a water pipe (or something?) that broke yesterday, and they had to immediately shut off all the water to the city in order to fix it. Last night was strange, turning the faucet on only for not even a drop of water to fall. Last night, I realized how much we take running water for granted! Washing dishes, cooking food, flushing the toilet, taking a shower, washing your hands, washing your clothes, etc. etc. Our classes were cancelled yesterday, and most everyone’s classes are cancelled again today (we are going on 26 hours without water! We are all going to die from dehydration!), but I still have my morfología class this afternoon, which brings me to my final Halloween scare: my first parcial!

I have my first parcial/major exam in my hardest class today. Even though I feel like I know most of the material, studying for tests here are so much more stressful, because I am constantly trying to remember not only the concepts, but all of the words that I will need to use to describe the concepts in Spanish. Additionally, I really don’t know what to expect! I generally have an idea of what the tests will be like in the States, but since I haven’t had a “major” exam here yet, I have no clue! It doesn’t help that this exam today and the final exam are our only grades for the class…. Hope everyone is having a less stressful/scary Halloween than me! :)


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