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The Craics Ninety!

Another successful week? Another successful week!

My time here is going by so quickly! I cannot believe that I have already been in Belfast for 47 days. These seven weeks have been the best of my entire life. The friends I have met, the places I have been, and the experiences I have made are worth more than anything in this world, and I would not give them up for anything.

Last weekend, I went to the cinema with a couple guys and saw the film Captain Phillips. It was such a great film that I decided to go a second time with the girls on my floor. If you do not know much about the film, it is about an American ship that gets hijacked by Somali pirates and follows the story of the main captain. I think I enjoyed it because it is based on a true story and it shows how much effort went in to recovering Captain Phillips. Also, Tom Hanks is just brilliant. He does such a great job of portraying emotion and fits the role perfectly. I highly recommend seeing the film (and going a second time!)

On Wednesday I got watch the Boston Red Sox make history! Well… I was not really “watching” them per se; I was getting live play-by-play updates on the computer. I had to try and explain to everybody that the Red Sox are my favorite team despite me living on the other side of the country from them. The easiest explanation was just that I do not like the Yankees! In all seriousness, the Cardinals played a good series and were gentlemen about it all. One thing that is strange about baseball (and most professional sports) is that the teams that usually go to the playoffs and the championships have been there multiple times before. This is the third time that the Red Sox have won the World Series in the last ten years. And the Cardinals have won twice in the last ten years. Oh well, that does not change the fact that I had an extra excuse to celebrate!

This week two of my lectures were cancelled because of a strike. I am not too sure what the strike was about, but from what I have gathered, the lecturers have taken a 13% pay decrease over the last few years so they were trying to get their voices heard. I have mixed feelings about the strike as a student. I support their cause because nobody deserves to have their pay taken away (or cut) when prices and the standard of living are increasing (at least lock their pay at the rate of inflation). On the other hand, I do not support it because the students are paying tons of money to be here and if the lecturers decide not to teach, we are essentially wasting our money. My two lecturers told me that they are not going to reschedule the lectures or post the notes online because that would defeat the point of the strike. A strike is intended to disrupt the system, so I understand where they are coming from. At the end of the day, it is unfortunate that I missed out on valuable material, but I cannot complain too much because I had all of my Thursday off from school!

Thursday also meant that it was Halloween! Halloween here in Ireland, much like back at WSU and the rest of America, is a week-long event. People dress up every day from the weekend before Halloween to the weekend after. It is absolutely mental. Despite all of the craziness, last night was one of the most fun nights I have had since coming here. I met loads of new people and got on great with them all. I dressed up as Walter White from the first episode of Breaking Bad. I ended up running into three other versions of my character, but from different seasons. One guy was dressed up as Heisenberg and two were dressed up at Walter in the cooking outfit. It was so much fun!


Tonight at the Odyssey Arena I am going to see Brit Floyd, a Pink Floyd tribute band. I have seen them once before in the States with my dad and thought they were amazing! I purchased fourth row seats because I thought if I am going to see a group that I really like, that I am going to want to be up close. I ran into another American awhile back and he said he was also going so I might head out there with him.

My time here just keeps getting better and better. I say this all the time, but I love Belfast.


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