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Chiapas: el mejor lugar del mundo

¡Estoy en San Cristóbal de las Casas y nunca quiero salir!

Scattered update while I torrent scary movies (happy Halloween!) in the lobby of our hotel.  First, it is cold here.  I’m wearing a sweatshirt and under a big wool blanket.  It’s an incredibly welcome change.  Second, it’s great being in a hotel with all eleven of us students on one floor together so we can leave our doors open and actually spend time together as if we were in college.

Now some actual things about the trip: we left Mérida in a little camión at 2:00am on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning and promptly ran over a broken bumper on the highway and got a flat so we waited on the side of the road right next to a cute little strip club for about an hour while the driver changed the tire.  Other than that, the ride was fairly smooth.  At about 11:00 in the morning we stopped at Palenque to see gorgeous Mayan ruins and cascadas in the jungle.

We got back in the car around 2:00 and finally made it to Chiapas around 8:00 Wednesday night.  Chiapas es tan hermosa.  It’s in a valley surrounded by mountains, a beautiful change from Mérida’s flat nothing.  It’s also cleaner and quainter than Mérida, with colored paved roads, tons of little artisan tienditas, lots and lots of delicious vegetarian restaurants, beautiful old churches, incredibly intricate textiles, live music everywhere, and a huge mercado.

Here is a cuento I found on a t-shirt that I bought today:

Fanto tenía piernas demasiadas cortas y cuatro trompas.  Por esto todo su niñez fue sufrimiento.  Pero un día encontró cuatro ruedas de una carreta vieja.  Hoy es el elefante más interesante que he conocido.  Con sus ruedas ha viajado por todo el mundo y con sus cuatro trompas, que utiliza como bocinas, toca también melodías muy hermosas.

Quick translation:

Fanto had legs that were too short and four trunks.  Because of this, his childhood was full of suffering.  But one day he found four wheels from an old cart.  Now, he is the most interesting elephant that I’ve met.  With his wheels he has traveled the whole world and with his four trunks, which he uses as horns, he also plays beautiful music.

¡Buenas noches!


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